Our Story

Our all natural bison products are produced only through our ranchers and rancher partners who are committed to naturally and humanely raising their animals. The bison are pasture raised, feeding on natural grasses throughout their life and grain finished for a brief period to enhance the flavor of the meat even more. They are never given antibiotics or hormones, and if sick animals need to be treated with medicine, they are separated from the herd. The ranchers never ‘cowboy’ their animals; they closely observe the bison to see how they naturally behave and adapt their humane handling of the herd accordingly.

Why do we go to these lengths? To not only ensure we deliver only the highest quality and most nutritious product, but to respect one of our county’s most magnificent animals and contribute to their restoration within the American landscape.

The Bear Mountain Bison legacy all started with two avid outdoor enthusiasts, Anne and John Draper, who left their corporate jobs in 1996 to acquire the 10,000-acre Bear Mountain Ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Northwestern Colorado. Roaming freely on the ranch, the couple’s bison grew from a few head into a thriving herd. Today, Anne and John’s dedication to land conservation and bison now includes numerous partner ranchers who proudly provide Bear Mountain Bison to wholesalers, restaurants, and lovers of exceptional taste around the country.